First blog post

It’s been a very depressing journey this past year. Despite a supposedly happy occasion, my mood has been going downhill with all the problems that came along with the “happy occasion”.

Recently I have finally came to terms that I am feeling depressed and with that, I finally decided to see a therapist together with my husband. The first trip to the therapist gave me hope that all could be well again and that I have the power to change. It made me feel empowered again.

I have been talking to my sister she suggested that I start blogging again. I could blog about the visit to the therapist, my current feelings and thoughts, my growth process, my life, my hobbies etc. I think it’s a good idea and thus I am starting this all new blog.

If someone reads this, I hope you will grow with me.

Reminiscing the days I spent in Phuket with my mum. The sunsets there are really beautiful.

2014-03-26 18.25.28


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